Supernatural Fandom Update March 2017

Most of you have noticed that ComicCon HQ is now streaming our movie. For now, they are streaming only the 90 minute feature film, not the series or anything else we have made.  The series will be included with the feature on our first DVD set which we have just finished and are about to ship out to people who helped fund the film.

This two disc DVD set, packaged in original Kristin Jackson artwork, contains much more than the 90 minute feature, as most of you know.  It has the feature, the entire series, the Baby Bonus episode of the series, the full Richard Speight Junior interview "The King On Cons", and a gag reel.

Some of you have asked why they cannot get the DVD set when the feature is already on ComicCon HQ.  It was very easy to send a digital copy of the 90 minute feature to ComicCon and much more difficult to make and mail out the DVD set. The DVD required finishing ALL the products (ten EP series, bonus ep, gag reel, etc),  authoring the two discs, finding a manufacturer, getting them physically printed, creating packaging art,  completing additional legal requirements and insurance with regard to the additional content on them, and then physically shipping them to hundreds of addresses around the world.

The DVD authoring is now complete and they are being manufactured.  The process to print them takes approximately three weeks then it will take a month or two to mail the packages out to people.   As long as nothing goes wrong.  We have found time and time again, there are things we need to do that we did not anticipate. This is mostly due to our ignorance as first-timers and we apologize.  We have done our best at every stage.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding.  Part of the reason it took so long is we refused to compromise on the finished product.  We are confident anyone who has purchased the DVD set will be very happy with it when they get it.  We will not be selling the DVDs to anyone else until we have shipped them all to the fans who supported us financially.  After that, they will be available on our website, at cons and, eventually, other outlets as we make further agreements.

We will keep you posted.


Mitch and Clif Kosterman
Two Sharks Media

Jason Fischer
Frostbite Pictures



The SUPERNATURAL FANDOM movie will be split into ten separate but equally compelling 22 minute episodes. We have priced each episode at a very reasonable $5 per episode or $40 for all ten including the feature length documentary. We want to make sure that ALL fans can afford to watch the series whether it be in smaller, more economical bite-sized chunks or the whole shebang in one long binge viewing. With this in mind, here is a list of the titles of each of the episodes, and the anticipated release dates, to wet your appetite.

Clif and Mitch Kosterman have been shooting Supernatural Fandom the Movie for the past three years. In this time, the brothers have traveled and acquired footage from Texas, Washington, California, New York, British Columbia, Germany and filming is continuing. The costs of filming fans and cast at events in numerous locations have so far been approximately $125,000. The 50+ hours of footage shot thus far has been painstakingly logged and is now in the process of postproduction editing. Creating 10 – 22 min episodes and also a 90-minute feature length movie. We are on schedule and when the episodes and movie are completed we will have spent $200,000 on making this amazing project.

We feel it’s important to show you the fans where that money was spent and also where money generated from pre-sales of the film, merchandise, screenings, after parties and any other perk from our indiegogo campaign will go. So we created this pie chart with a basic breakdown of costs explained and identified. Everyone working on the project has day jobs. We are all spending our evenings, weekends, holidays and basically every spare moment working toward the common goal of bringing you a film that explores the unique and amazing phenomenon that is the Supernatural Fandom. We’re all very proud of the hard work that has gone into making this film and we truly hope you’ll share in this journey with us as more than anything this is your story were telling.

* P.S. – We are joking about the pony. Clif can rent his own bloody pony but that doesn’t mean we won’t periscope and share the moment with all of you.



We also wanted to ensure that fans had an opportunity to buy some cool, high quality merchandise. We diligently researched a number of companies and have found one that not only makes fantastic merchandise, charges reasonable prices but also ships almost anywhere in the world (If you happen to be staying on Johnny Depp's private island in the Bahamas then sorry you're out of luck).



What movie event would be complete without a theatrical screening and the after party. We will be holding a screening and party in both Vancouver and Los Angelesand would LOVE for you to attend. We only have room for 500 guests so if you're interested please purchase your ticket sooner rather then later as we would hate for you to miss out. **For the screenings, there is no age minimum.  For the after parties, you must be 19 to attend in Vancouver, and you must be 21 to attend in Los Angeles.** We will post the date months in advance to allow time for those of you that need to travel in to either city time to buy flights, book hotels and purchase that perfect outfit for the night. It's going to be an amazing evening and we can't wait to share it with 500 lucky fans. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

Two Sharks Media and Frostbite Pictures bring you the SUPERNATURAL FANDOM Movie.  Coming Soon!

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